Reality (fashion) show

In this section of my blog I’ll add some photos of my friends or people I see on the streets wearing outfits I think express at best what I’m trying to put stress upon with my work: ironic way of dressing fashion, bizarre clothes, “original fake” accessories and so on.
This way we’ll probe if the new attitude fashion world is spreading through magazines and thanks to young designers’ lines or new creative works of “the old ones” is really taking place in real world: from models to mannequins to flesh and blood persons?

Let’s see with our own eyes!

Who: Giuditta
Where: Rocket, Milano
What: “Happiness is a 10$ tee” tee-shirt (“We’re watching Coco Channel”)

Who: Maria Pilar
Where: Rocket, Milano
What: “Nico” t-shirt (“Vague” instead of “Vogue” + half Karl Lagerfeld and half Marc Jacbos’ figure)

Who: My friends and me
Where: Ponza
What: House of Holland t-shirts


2 Responses to “Reality (fashion) show”

  1. Giuditta. March 21, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    bibi non so nemmeno se ti posso lasciare un commento qui o se è una specie di pagina sacra e intoccabile però dovevo esprimerti il mio giudizio molto positivo riguardo al tuo blog, che ho letto interamente!! per quanto riguarda la foto ahahhaha è un po’ chiuba ma sono comunque felice di far parte di tutto ciò! ❤

  2. blanchine March 21, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    ahahahah giudi non mi ero accorta del tuo tempestivo commento, grazie mille mia adorata chiubetta sacra e intoccabile!

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