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Italian Fashion Bloggers: “My floor is red”, interview with Nathalie Maggiori

15 Jun

I’ve already tried and introduce you the topic of Fashion Bloggers in general, now let’s see if we can dig deeper by asking some few questions to a “real” italian fashion blogger, lovely Nathalie Maggiori from My floor is red.

How long have you been keeping your blog? What does its name “My floor is red” mean?

I’ve started my first blog about three years ago writing on the platform of, then I decided to move to and this is where I decided to create “My floor is red”. Where does the title of my blog come from? Probably to my lack of imagination! I had no particular titles for my blog in mind and many of my outfits were, at the beginning, self-made photos shot at home…with my terrible red floor well exposed: that’s how I decided to make something I hated a peculiar attribute of my blog!

What pushed you to the idea of creating a blog? In your mind, you decided to put your focus on fashion from the beginning or this idea came to your mind little by little?

The idea, actually came to my mind on the way! At first my blog followed more the scheme of a diary: I talked about anything happened to me, my passions and even my personal happenings. By the passing of time I decided then to restrict my topics and give fashion a central position: this is how it’s born what many people call “fashion blog”.

According to you, what made you become one of the most followed italian fashion bloggers? What’s your secret?

Well, I really don’t know, I even do not consider myself as one of the most followed ones! 🙂 Anyway, in my opinion in order to make a blog really enjoyable and appreciated by your followers you need to cure it finely, you must post articles quite often and periodically and be willing to accept advices and critics: who writes a blog, despite the others, step forward and get involved, and shouldn’t behact with superiority, as there is no such difference with those who read! However there are also different cases of people who already work for the fashion industry and can count on a large amount of experience in the sector, so…

How did your “blogger occupation” change your relationship with fashion industry?

I’ve had the chance to meet many nice and kind persons, while others acted less professionally. Let’s say that requests of collaboration are directly connected to the success of the blog: many times those who get in touch with me just want to know about the number of visits reached by my blog per month. So we can say that most of the contacts depend on the merely “numerical success” of the blog, not caring so much about other aspects (like the effective blog quality), and this fact makes me a bit disappointed.

What do you think about the unstoppable advance of fashion bloggers? Is there a link between this new approach to “common people” by fashion maisons and economical crisis which affected heavily the fashion system?

In my opinion things are definitely changing! One example of this new wave could be Luisa Via Roma event that took place these days in Florence.

How are your relations with other bloggers? Do you collaborate with each other or you feel competition and rivalry instead?

I personally do not feel myself in competition with any other blogger. I keep my blog for a passion of mine, during my free time…I mean, for me my blog it’s fun, not a job!
Sometimes I accept to collaborate or to promote advertising banners on my blog…but not certainly for an issue of money, I only accept proposals which I judge interesting for my readers and me. I’m studying law, I see my future in the legal sphere! If anyone ever felt a threat coming from my blog (I don’t even think it’s possible), I’d tell her/him not to be worried about anything: I do not aim to any “position” in the fashion system!

Your outfits are always very original because you manage to combine perfectly designer clothes with other brands suitable for any pocket (H&M, Zara…): anyway, if you’d have to chose between 3 total looks signed by 3 different designers, who whould you pick?

ChloĂ© – Yves Saint Laurent – Acne.

I know you’re also a super busy law student! How do you handle this whole combining fashion blogging actvity and your career at university?

Well, you can say that aloud, it’s not easy at all! Trying to combine the two things it’s sometimes really  impossible (e.g. during exams session). Anyway, I often use my blog as a solution to chill out and take a break from the tension brought by the study, to think to something else!

Thank you so much Nathalie! 🙂
ps. translation in english is made by me so if you find any mistakes…it’s all my fault (and I apologize for that!)


Marc Spongebob Jacobs

5 Jun

Marc Jacobs


Spongebob tattoo on his right (muscular) arm


Spongebob “handbag” he carried at the end of one of his fashion shows


Great passion for Spongebob that gave birth to this brand new Sponge-inspired t-shirt!

What do you think about this creation? I think it’s very weird to see the notoriuos sea nerd Spongebob with all these muscles!
Good idea, Marc!

Disney meets Fashion!

24 May

Genius, extravagant, their look is unmistakable: major fashion designers in the world have got their own peculiar style, which make them recognizable even when they’re transformed in…cartoons!
This is what a funny editorial on Elle Spain’s pages show us. Its title is “La Moda Animada” by Ulrich Schroeder and it appeared on April number of Elle Spain magazine.
Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Sonia Rykiel and Alber Elbaz become cartoons acting in a reproduction of their natural habitat, still keeping the attitudes that made them notorious.

So among the pages, you’ll see: Karl Lagerfeld walking the red carpet as the big bad wolf;  Jean Paul Gaultier hosts a small party on a balcony over Paris; Marc Jacobs, as a kilt-wearing duck, directs the backstage chaos of a show; Donatella Versace vamps for the paparazzi as a blonde duck; Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz, also as a duck, puts the finishing touches on a dress; Dolce & Gabbana, reinvented as Mickey mouse and Goofy, sketch their latest collection; John Galliano takes to the runway as a pirate-inspired duck; Sonia and Nathalie Rykiel dine as ducks at a Parisian café.

Karl Lagerfeld

Jean-Paul  Gaultier

Marc Jacobs

Donatella Versace

Alber Elbaz

Dolce & Gabbana

John Galliano

Sonia Rykiel

What do you think about this step back from seriousness taken by Elle Spain? I think it’s really nice and funny (maybe because I’m literally Disney-addicted).

ps. Try and recognize all the Disney characters featuring in these images! (Did you spot Peter Pan, Captain Hook & co on Galliano’s front row?)

(Fashion) Kings are Naked!

17 May

The it-model of the campaign is always his best friend Agyness Deyn but this time the  protagonists of his line of tees are no longer models: what’s more Fashion than designers?
House of Holland by Henry Holland proposes a series of t-shirts featuring a powerful clique of fashion designers proudly posing…naked! John Galliano, Donatella Versace, Alber Elbaz, Karl Lagerfeld & co for once appear not covered in beautiful self-designed clothes (or, talking about Galliano, even masked, as he likes to show himself in many of his catwalks’ endings), despite all the nudity fashion industry throws our way.

Donatella Versace

Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel)

Alber Elbaz (Lanvin)

John Galliano (Dior)

…Anyone still convinced that fashion world can’t conceive self-irony?

Fake it until you make it pt. II

18 Apr

We already talked in this blog about notorious it bag Birkin by Hermès, one of the “most desired” accessories for fashionistas at every age. This time I’m gonna show you another unusual approach to get to have one (again, waiting for a real one): painted on your shirt!
The idea came to two young venetian students who started by chance to create some ironic t-shirts just for them and their friends representing their icons in a slightly ironic style and that then created a brand named Scandalousinnuendos (quote from a literature essay). This is how the two students describe their attitude to this line:

We really can say that everything started from a game, and as a game it’s going on (even if we admit we got some satisfactions like the fact that some vjs from Mtv wore our shirts).

Some of their favourite subjects are fashion-world inspired: queen of Vogue America Anna Wintour, girls’passion for diamonds and, last but not the least…Birkins!

So, as diamonds and Hermès bags are a privilege for happy few, these young designers decided to put them directly on our t-shirts, in order to let us proudly wear them in everyday life…you know how they say: “well pleased is well served” (especially in these hard post-crisis times).
Their link to potential costumers is once again the web, as they sell their creations exclusively through myspace and their success is mostly due to a word of mouth advertising thanks to different blogs looking for new trends to share with their visitors.

Karl Lagerfeld & Naco-Paris: if you can’t beat them, join them!

16 Mar

Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion guru. A mastermind and creative genius in his own right. He has collaborated on a variety of fashion and art related projects, most notably as head designer and creative director for the fashion house Chanel. Lagerfeld helms as well his own label fashion house (Karl Lagerfeld) and the Italian house Fendi.

The internet community put an enormous focus on one of his “bags” in 2009, when the designer was spotted in Nice carrying this canvas eco-handbag…very far from Chanel unreachable style! The “Who Bag?” is designed by Naco-Paris, underground French fashion designer. Fun fact: Naco-Paris won a court case against Chanel over the use of the Chanel logo (that he used a lot in many different ways in his creations, as you can see in the following photos).
One minute they are in court together and the next Karl Lagerfeld is wearing a Naco-Paris design…and not viceversa!

The designer of Naco-Paris

The press calls him “The only designer who doesn’t like fashion!” or “Fashion’s Robin Hood”. Since 2001 he’s been developing “unisexwear” collections based on his personal universe, underground, unusual and filled with a lot of artistic references.
His line of clothes presents an ultra-modern aesthetics, mixing minimalism and punk attitude in order to denunce the luxury industry’s craze for consumption.
As many others brand new designers, his success is mostly due to the internet word-of-mouth advertising: the pic of Karl carrying the bag gave the brand a huge fame that broadcast rapidly thanks to networks like myspace, facebook or web sites collecting photos of young “outfiters” from all over the world wearing the creations of Naco-Paris.
Enjoying this way an international reputation, Naco-Paris is now sold in the world’s most famous “fashion cities”: Paris with Colette, Arty Dandy and Victoire, London, Berlin, Hong-Kong, Milan, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Dubai, Beirut and his collections also lead to a general craze in Japan, where they are widely distributed in cult boutiques of Tokio, Osaka and Nagoya.

ps. anyone interested in buying this extremely ironic handbag? Available now through for 50 €.

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out: everyone is invited!

9 Mar

“The city of Milan decided to participate to an extraordinary global event to reaffirm the centrality of fashion for the city and to support, in this hard time for economy, the whole sector, important voice of italian’s economy.”

This is how Letizia Moratti, major of Milan, announced last year the participation of the city to the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, an international project that had place simoultaneously in many capitals like London, Paris, New York and Mumbai the night of september the 9th. What was the purpose of this event? Make common people feel closer to the fashion world.
Mission impossible? Not at all!
That night boutiques, shops, big stores and any kind of selling points prolonged their opening hours and stylists, fashion editors, models and celebrities were there, ready to show themselves available for fashion advices and much more.
“About fashion, Milan certainly got a predominant global position. That’s why Vogue Fashion’s Night Out wants to give consumers the possibility of freely entering in shops and meeting designers and celebrities in order to render fashion world more accessible and less elitarian. Major Letizia Moratti, by supporting this project, confirmed once more the importance of fashion for this city”, underlined Franca Sozzani, chief director of Vogue Italia.

Among the initiatives, the production of “limited edition” lines of clothes and accessories and the sell of benefit tees signed by designers and celebrities present at the event.

So, here we are once again: fashion Ă©lites now want to (or at least they want to look like they’re willing to) meet the “masses”, trying to create a sort of link that let people feel that what they see in magazines is real.
Touch it, feel it, meet it, talk with it, appreciate it and then…buy it! And most of all, the moral was: do not fear US!
Luxury shops usually scare lots of people, who just give a look at shopping windows trying not to instaure eye-contact with perfectly dressed, snobbish shop assistants. That night those same shops were full of curious crowds that maybe will come back in future, after having understood that Devil may wear Prada, but Prada shop (& co) is not Devil!
I personally attended this event and I met many celebrities just taking a walk down Via Monte Napoleone or Via della Spiga and then stopping by for a while to have a drink at Armani’s or Versace’s…and “normal people” could get in there too!
The event had an enormous success, this is why next year it will be reproposed… As soon as I get some news about next year edition I’ll certainly write about it!

ps. That magic night I also managed to take a picture with Anna Piaggi , one of my idles, casually met in Via S.Andrea. I love Fashion Night Out!