Shoes or Foes?

7 May

Designers are recentely a bit in cage because of fashion system crisis: they were told they need to slow down with their extravagant creations, trying to link themselves to a major number of clients, so more and more often their clothes are getting wearable, many times they re-invent collections inspired to previous ones by the same brand declining in different ways fashion statemens clients appreciated the most (buying concretely in stores).
Anyway, they’re still keeping a free-zone in which they can work as real artists, creating objects exactly as they had in mind, avoiding worries about “next phases” (anyone will buy it?): accessories, in particular shoes.
Let’s see what happens when designers’ imagination gets wild and leaves their heads directly aiming to reach our feets!

Alberto Guardiani lipstick heels

Balenciaga fall/winter 2010-2011

Cinderella inspired glass design heels by Åsa Jungnelius

LEGO Converse Chuck Taylors

Marloes ten Bhomers’ radical sculpture-shoes

The Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 shoes, Sea Creatures inspired

Marc Jacobs “backwards heels”

So, here you have just few examples of Beautiful Killers, that are pure joy for eyes and at the same time cause of extreme suffering for our poor feet and (not to forget) for our wallets (Alexander Mc Queen’s ones overcome 4000 $)!
Besides even many professional models seem to have quite a few problems handle with these creations…

What do you think? Can you “suffer” these fashion crimes or you’d like to see in shops just normal, wearable, practical, common (and maybe a bit boring) accessories?
Well, I guess you’ll easily get my opinion if you “carefully” analyze the adjectives I chose for the previous sentence!


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